What is a Fengshui?

A simple definition of Fengshui is that it is the study of how humans interact with their environment. More specifically Fengshui is all about creating an atmosphere in buildings in which the people who use them can best succeed. Fengshui is based on the premise that human beings contain and are surrounded by a subtle field of electromagnetic energy known as chi in China. This can be photographed using Kirilian Photography and looks like a multicolored gas flame around any living creature. In humans the color and shape changes depending on emotional responses, so this energy can be said to contain some of a person's emotional energy.

The idea in Fengshui is that each building has its own atmospheric chi and that this energy will influence the chi energy field around the human body. Once a person interacts with the energy of a building he or she will begin to feel different.

How does it work?

The principle behind Fengshui is that your own chi carries your thoughts and emotions around and through your body and that if something changes your chi you will find that you feel and think differently. Each building has its own atmosphere and this energy will influence your own chi energy field. The aim of modern Fengshui is to create buildings in which people will be able to best succeed in that environment.


What do you want?

When using Fengshui it is helpful to know what you want from life, what you could change about yourself to achieve it more easily and then how you can set up your home or work space so that you feel better able to make those changes. In addition to looking at the way people react with their buildings Fengshui examines the relationship between buildings and their environment. The way a building is exposed to sunlight is a prime factor as the sun's solar radiation alters the atmosphere in different parts of a building.


Fengshui at work

To give people the best opportunity to fulfill their potential it is important to look at the kind of work that is done and think through what atmosphere would encourage the kind of emotions that bring success. For example someone who is dealing with complaints will need to be patient, sensitive, diplomatic and understanding. So here a softer Fengshui work environment with pastel colors and curved forms would be ideal.

Office environments can be set up so that people feel empowered and best able to master the work required. Most important in this situation is the seating position relative to the room. Fengshui principles suggest staff would sit facing into the room in a way that he or she can see the door to the office and any windows. This means most of what is happening in an office is going on in front of the person and he or she can feel protect from behind by a wall.